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Why Should I Take Self-Defense Classes?

Why should I take self-defense classes? After watching the news, it would seem as if the world is becoming a more violent place in which to live. The news broadcasts reports of senseless acts of violence that occur in all parts of the world, but those concerns get more personal when something happens in our neighborhoods, our schools and/or our city.

According to Neighborhood Scout’s analysis of FBI reported crime data, the chance of  becoming a victim of a violent crime in Chattanooga is 1 in 77. Families should be aware of this potential for violence and develop a plan to increase family safety and awareness. Awareness should be focused on understanding and identifying potential situations that may result in becoming a victim. Physical skills should be practiced to develop confidence in dealing with potential attacks. Self-defense classes can help.

These classes can help by training people to identify areas, situations and behaviors that may result in a physical altercation. Once these areas are identified, they may be more easily defused and dealt with. Classes also help individuals to develop a positive mind-set and a never-give-up attitude that is reinforced by confidence in knowing what to do in the event of an attack. Should the need arise, physical self-defense principles may help individuals to escape, defend and win physical altercations. Contrary to popular belief, an individual does not need to be in great physical shape or possess superior physical ability to defend one’s self. All one needs is to learn what works best for them in a given situation. We look forward to seeing you in our classes.


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