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Tips for Your Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit Class

Want to make your Handgun Permit Class Instructor happy? Follow some of these tips and you may make them happier than if you had brought them an apple!

  • Do not bring a loaded firearm or even loaded magazines! You do not have your permit so you definitely do not want to bring a loaded gun. This is a safety issue once you get to the school. Not to mention that if you get stopped by the Police on the way to class you may be going to jail instead of class. You will have ample time at the class to load your magazines and if it is difficult your instructor should help you.
  • Be on time or slightly early. Hey I’ve been known to be a “minute man” myself. You know the guy who shows up right at the start time. However, it is good to get there early so you can find the classroom, scout the restroom, pay if necessary, secure your weapon if you brought one etc. Be courteous to your classmates by not being late. Most schools have a cut-off time and if you are later than that you may have to reschedule and you may even lose your deposit.
  • If you have hearing difficulties sit up front if possible. Notify your instructor of this. They may adjust things so you can be closer if the seats up front are already filled.
  • Bring your State issued driver license or identification and bring it into the class. Your instructor will need to see it and will need the number to put on the class roster. You will need the driver license or identification number to put on your class completion certificate.
  • Bring a pen and paper if needed. Our school provides this but you may attend one where they expect you to bring these items. There is a written test (we prefer to call it a quiz) and you may want to jot down some notes to prepare for the quiz. You may also want to make note of some of the things discussed during the class.
  • Turn off your cell phone, iPod, smartphone or whatever. This is a sticky point with the State Inspectors and when your phone rings in class it is disruptive and yes, even rude. If you must put it on vibrate don’t check it every second.
  • Please don’t text during class. See above for rudeness .I can tell you from an Instructor’s viewpoint it is very distracting. I try to make eye contact during the class to see if I am getting my points across and to see if the student is still awake. If you are looking down at your hand or your lap you are distracted. At some point in the class you will be manipulating and shooting a firearm and you need to be focusing your undivided attention on the class.
  • Please listen. It wastes time and annoys (scares?) your classmates when you ask the instructor to repeat something they just covered because you weren’t listening/paying attention. At some point in the class you are going to going to be holding, loading and shooting a firearm. It is imperative that you are clear on all safety and range instructions and rules. Plus you want to ace the quiz, right?
  • Please ask questions if you have them. Your instructor should ask for and even encourage questions. However, ask questions that are pertinent to the class/ subject. If you ask highly technical or outrageous questions you may be wasting time and annoying your classmates. It happens.
  • When you sign up for the class ask questions. Get directions, ask how much ammunition you need, what calibers can you shoot or not shoot, can you rent a gun if needed and what types are available etc. I have had people come to class and say “I didn’t know I could qualify with a .22.” The instructor at whatever school you are attending has the final say on allowing what gun students may qualify with but most schools allow .22s. The range may not allow certain calibers due to noise. They may require cash or not take your particular credit card. Ask in advance.
  • Don’t rush into buying a gun. You are buying something that you may have to depend on to save your life and the lives of your loved ones. You want it to be safe and reliable.  You can shoot a borrowed or rented gun to qualify with if you haven’t decided for sure what you want. Ideally try to shoot a gun of the same model before you buy it. If you are buying a used gun from a store with a range the business will usually let you shoot it before purchase. You may find that it recoils more than you care for or that the double action pull (if applicable) is way heavier than you thought it would be. You may decide it just doesn’t fit your hand right. I highly recommend that if you are planning on carrying a gun on your person that you conceal it. You may decide it is too large to conceal.

These are just some tips to help you prepare in advance for your Tennessee Handgun Safety Class (Tennessee Handgun Permit Class). Hopefully they will help you so your class is more enjoyable. If you are one of those people who are already intimidated by attending the class it will be less stressful if you are prepared beforehand. This will make the class smoother for everyone.  I hope you enjoy your class.


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