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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Regarding some of todays sub compact 9mm semi-auto pistols. Over the past several years the way the avid gun enthusiast and or gun carrier has changed the way we carry, the purposes, and the guns themselves have all adapted to our ever changing way of life. For a time the “Gun World” never had very small reliable firearms that were very popular. Just within the last few years have we seen smaller sub-compact firearms like the Ruger LCP which is a .380 ACP. The Ruger changed the way we carried small firearms, it allowed the carrier to reliably carry the firearm in the pocket or in honestly any place they chose. Moving forward a few years we were introduced to the Smith &Wesson M&P Shield. The Shield stepped up the game by it being a 9mm instead of the little bit small .380. Then to combat the sales of the Smith & Wesson, Springfield Armory introduced the sub-compact XDS in .45 ACP which was a huge block buster for the fact that it was such a small gun in that large of a caliber. A few years later they introduced the same model in a 9mm which was welcomed in the same way. Now moving to just a few weeks ago, Glock introduced its newest model the G43. A very slim sub-compact 9mm that has been all the hype since it was announced. All three firearms have made waves within the “Gun World” so here is my personal opinion on the pros and cons of the three.

The Smith & Wesson M&P Shield: The Good

Pros: The shield has a few things going for it in my opinion. First and foremost is the price point of the firearm. It is less expensive than both the Springfield and the Glock selling at a great price of around $400 that really cannot be beat. Second, would have to be that the Shield has the option of an external button safety which is something that a lot of people look for in a decent carry gun.

Cons: The biggest negative for me regarding the shield would be that the trigger is not the best. They can be gritty and no two shields triggers feel the same. A simple fix to this problem would be an after-market trigger like the Apex or the Galloway.

The Springfield XDS: The Bad

Pros: The XDS is my favorite of the three firearms, for a couple reasons. Mainly the way it feels in my hand is the best. Second, I love the look of the gun itself. Lastly would be the way it shoots. It just feels good, the recoil is very manageable. The XDS sells for around $500 and is an all around great gun.

Cons: The XDS seems to have a pretty rough texture that some people do not care for.

The Glock G43: The Ugly

Pros: There is absolutely nothing ugly about the G43. It’s every Glock fan’s dream to have a slim line carry 9mm that shows the same reliability and dependability as the other Glock models. The G43 is great on the range and is an excellent carry gun.

Cons: Since it has only been out a few weeks it is hard to tell what the negative aspects might be about this firearm, yet if it holds up to the reputation of the G42 the .380 replica of the G43. Something that I feel isn’t necessarily bad about the gun but more on the company is the fact that the G43 is so late in getting on the market.

In my opinion anyone interested in any of these three firearms is not going wrong with their decision. All three are very reliable firearms with different qualities that make them all great for concealed carry.

Shoot straight.


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