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Review of the Taurus 800 Series

The Taurus PT 800 series pistols

I thought to myself, “another polymer pistol, don’t we already have enough of these”? What more can be done with plastic? The market place is already crowded with polymer pistols of every size, shape and configuration, isn’t it?

Taurus USA already has several outstanding polymer pistols in their stable. I really like their 24/7OSS model in .45ACP, and my wife “stole” my Taurus 24/7 PRO 9mm pistol after shooting it a few times. So, what does the new Taurus 809 have to offer, that the others don’t?

Offers a viable option to left hand shooters with its Right side controls: magazine release, slide release and safety/decocker – totally ambidextrous!

Let’s look at theTaurus PT809 Pistol

Taurus 809 Pistol, 9mm Caliber, Single/Double Action, Hard Rubber Grips, Fixed Three-Dot Sights, 4 inch Barrel Length, 17 round Magazine Capacity

The Taurus 809 Pistol takes the widely acclaimed design of the Taurus 24/7 OSS Pistol and adds an external hammer at the request of the customers. The result is a firearm that has the features to please anyone. The Taurus 809 has the same second strike capability as the Taurus 24/7 pistol series, giving the shooter a chance at a second try in the event of a dud round, with a 93% chance of firing on that second trigger pull. The result of massive amounts of customer input and research, the Taurus 809 Pistol truly is an amazing firearm.

  • Taurus 809 Pistol
  • 9mm Caliber
  • Single/Double Action
  • Hard Rubber Grips
  • Fixed Three-Dot Sights
  • 4 inch Barrel Length
  • 17 round Magazine Capacity
  • Weighs 28.2 ounces
  • Blue Finish
  • Manufacturer Number 1809041
  1. Front grip area on the 809 is nicely checkered and there are grooves for proper finger placement as well.
  2. The SA/DA trigger is smooth-faced, it won’t abrade your finger after a lot of shooting like serrated triggers have a tendency to do.
  3. The 809s feed ramp is highly polished for sure feeding from the magazine into the chamber.
  4. The 809 comes with three different sized back straps. Cascio liked the way the gun felt with the small-sized back strap.
  5. The magazine well is nicely beveled for fast reloads – something you don’t see on a lot of hi-cap handguns.


What I like in 800 series

I like the trigger. It came out as a top trigger when compared to other contestants. Crisp break felt like 4 to 5 pound in SA, however there is a free slack before that which is lengthier than many good triggers in the pistol world. DA is very smooth and consistent pull but is a bit heavy, felt around 10 to 11 pounds. Now the best part is the trigger reset in SA mode. Reset is so small and close that it literally marveled me. I can think of faster double taps and other drills in combat style shooting due to this feature which is so helpful in the sense. You will have to check this out for your self.

For the times when capacity and features trump concealment qualities and ease of portability, the PT 809, which was derived from the Taurus 24/7 OSS pistol—itself designed to meet U.S. Armed Forces requirements—is an excellent choice. The PT 809 is a single-action/double-action, recoil-operated, hammer-fired semi-automatic chambered in 9 mm Luger—similar models are also offered in .40 S&W (PT 840) and .45 ACP (PT 845)—with 17-plus-one capacity. Both carbon steel (809B) and stainless steel (809SS) versions are available.

Compared to the PT 740 SLIM, the PT 809 is considerable in size. It measures 1.14-inches wide, 6-inches tall and 7.75-inches long, and it weighs 30.2 ounces empty. Contributing to its length, and no doubt its accuracy, is a 4.2-inch stainless steel barrel, long sight radius and excellent low-profile, windage-adjustable Novak three-dot-pattern sights. The edges of the rear sight have been rounded to reduce snagging; however, the front didn’t receive such attention.

A significant departure from the TCP and the SLIM is that the PT 809’s controls—slide catch, disassembly latch, magazine-release latch (as it comes from the factory) and manual safety/hammer decocker—are ambidextrous. The latter enables the PT 809 to be carried either with the hammer cocked, thus employing the lighter single-action trigger pull, or when decocked, the first shot in the longer, heavier double-action mode.

The slide has both front and rear cocking serrations, as well as a black Tennifer finish for durability (809B). Like the PT 738 TCP and PT 740 SLIM, the PT 809 features a proportionally large extractor and lowered ejection port for reliability; however, the pistol’s loaded-chamber indicator is directly above the extractor, such as that found on the PT 738. In addition to the TSS, like the PT 740 the PT 809 has a firing pin block. After the last round is fired, the slide locks open.

Similar to its smaller cohorts, the PT 809’s polymer frame has metal guide rails and molded-in ribbing and checkering for purchase. Its disassembly latch is also identical to that found on the 740 SLIM; however, the similarities end there. The PT 809’s dust cover has an integral Mil-STD 1913 Picatinny accessory rail, and the back strap can be replaced for a custom fit. Two extra inserts accompany the pistol. Additionally, the PT 809’s grip features molded-in finger grooves and a larger, more generous curve on the back of the grip—no doubt due to the pistol’s larger overall size.

Feeding the PT 809 is a double-stack, stamped metal magazine with 17-round-capacity. The PT 840 (.40 S&W) magazine holds 15 rounds, and the PT 845 (.45 ACP) holds 12. The magazine, which has witness holes and a fluorescent yellow follower for easier counting of rounds remaining, features a large bumper pad that further lengthens the gripping surface. It is unnecessary for all but the largest hands. Two magazines and a loading tool are included with the PT 809.

I believe it was the Top Grip of all pistols I have handled to date.  When looking for a handgun, look for fit first. Most people shoot handguns that fit comfortably a lot better than ones that don’t.  A comfortable grip will automatically point better and you’ll be more accurate with it. When you get the right gun in your hands, you will know it. An attractive feature is this model comes with 2 extra back straps. NIB it is fitted with the Medium back strap. There is also a Small one for smaller hands.

Sights are 3-dot Novak type, white dot which is extremely visible, making target acquisition simple. They are dove tailed with a screw on the rear sight for windage adjustment only.

Barrel and Recoil Spring:
Barrel is Hammer Forged Stainless steel. Feed ramp is polished and shiny accompanied by the frame feeding lip which is also polished. Recoil Spring rod is PLASTIC. It is Seecamp style, (Seecamp company fitted their pistols with this type for first time), dual-captured guide rod. I like it as it is known to take more stress with higher pressure ammo or by higher mileage. Glock introduced this type of recoil spring assembly with their 4th Gen models in I think the G21, please correct me if I am wrong.

Slide is Inox Matte finish as mentioned on the box sticker and is made from forged steel. I like that it is provided with matte finish and not a shiny one otherwise I would prefer to go with the Black finish. There is a Stainless Steel option that is very much more resistant to scratches caused by careless handling or extensive holster use and also to the humidity changes. Slide is well finished I must say 90% for the finish quality of the slide, both external and internal.

PT800 pistols have it all. Can be carried cocked and locked (safety is flipped up). Safety parallel to slide is Ready position. Down is Decock. Safety lever is truly within the natural range of your thumb. I kind of loved playing with it up and down and that with a complete intact grip. You don’t need to alter your hand grip to manipulate the safety lever and this has added a very nice and secure feel to the safety system.

It is a lighter gun weight wise @ 800 grams but not in competition with lighter pistols in the market. Weight balance is perfect and feels centered i.e. not muzzle heavy. The 809 model has 17 round magazine capacity, 1-spare magazine with a Magazine Loader provided in the box. The full size gun is not optimum as a carry piece, moreover rails on the frame makes it harder to carry. Pistol is completely ambidextrous; which ever lever or button is on right side is present on the left side as well.


The official 809 specs:

Caliber 9 mm (9X19 NATO)
Action Single and double action (SA/DA)
Capacity 17 shots
Barrel length 108.6 mm
Total length 197 mm
Total height 152 mm
Grip width 29 mm (grip) and 36 mm (levers)
Distance between sights 150 mm
Trigger pull weight SA: (2.0 – 3.0)kg – DA: (4.0 – 6.0)kg
Weight (w/empty magazine) 800 g
Sights Fixed,3 dots system – tritium (optional)
Materials Slide: carbon steel or stainless steel
Barrel: stainless steel – Grip (frame): polymer
Safety Devices Firing pin block
Manual safety & decocker – ambidextrous
Loaded chamber indicator
Taurus Security System
Slide – finishing Tenifer, blue or stainless
Rifling 6 grooves, right hand

Other Remarks:
Slide to Polymer frame fitting is very loose. No big deal because slide has extremely rock solid fitting with steel inserts in the polymer frame. It does not rattle at all. Barrel fit is A+. I found this pistol very interesting as it has certain resemblances with many designs from other top handguns. For example, it field strips exactly like a Glock which is one of the simplest on earth. Barrel Lugs and locking resembles that of a SIG P-series. Trigger system like 1911 on the grounds of Cocked and Locked carry and slide contours and distinctive lines like that of an HK. The grip, the back strap and to some extent the form factor resembles FNP-9 pistol. This pistol is relatively new and doesn’t have all that huge track records but who ever has handled it has given thumbs up to the accuracy and reliability that it delivered.


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