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FFL Transfers

Before you decide to buy a weapon elsewhere and have it FFL transferred to us, please call us to see if we can save you money buy ordering the weapon directly from us. Many times we can get you a better price, rather than paying the FFL transfer and shipping fees . Call 423.305.0747 in Chattanooga or 706.406.0300 in North Georgia.

Shooter’s Depot (of Chattanooga) is happy to facilitate the transfer of incoming firearms for our customers who are US citizens with a valid Tennessee Drivers License or proof of Tennessee residency of 90 days or longer.

For Tennessee FFL Transfers – you can submit the form below or print and bring in the FFL Transfer Form, or email it to us at:

You can also fax it to us at 423.305.0757

For Georgia Transfers, please call 706.406.0300.

There are two main kinds of transfers we can manage for you. The fee for handgun and lower receivers transfers is: $40.00, for long guns it is $50.00.

First is a transfer between two local individuals. This is when a local person is selling a firearm to another and both parties want to ensure the transaction is conducted legally. This protects both parties involved.
To do this type of transfer, both parties must come into the store. The seller/owner will bring the gun in to be transferred and their identification. We will receive the gun from them and log it into our books and give them a receipt showing it has been removed from their name.
The buyer/receiver can come in at the same time as the seller or can come at a later time. The buyer will fill out the federal firearm purchase form and present current identification and, if applicable, permit to purchase. We will verify the background check and, upon successful completion, transfer the firearm to the new owner.

The second kind of transfer is a long distance transfer. This occurs when a seller is too far away to bring the item in person. This is common when someone purchases a gun through an auction service, from a distant gun store or receives a firearm from an out of state party.

The shipping dealer MUST enclose an ink signed copy of their FFL along with an invoice or packing slip indicating the purchaser’s name, phone number and firearm details, including the serial number with the gun.

NOTE: Before we can receive a firearm from another dealer we must send that dealer a copy of our Federal Firearms License (FFL).

To initiate that process you, the buyer, must fill out a Firearms Transfer Form and return it to our store along with $40 transfer fee.

LIMITATIONS: We can only perform FFL transfers for US citizens with a valid Tennessee Drivers License or proof of Tennessee residency of 90 days or longer.

To initiate an FFL transfer online purchase the firearm you wish to transfer,submit the online form below or print and fill out the form below, and return it to us. All fields must be completed in order for us to initiate the transfer for you.

Please enter the information carefully. We can not initiate a transfer without complete, correct information.

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